We offer Class of Business, CPD, RE , Qualifications, Supervision and Competency Register 

New Legislation released for all FSPs

The long awaited “Twin Peaks” legislation has come into play. Product Specific Training, Class of Business (COB), Regulatory Exams, Full Qualifications and Continous Professional Development (CPD) are now required by legislation.

Who needs to do what by when?

Important dates to remember and consider. All dates are from the Key Individual or Representatives Date of First Appointment (DOFA):

Product Specific Training    – to be completed prior to rendering any financial service in the product.
Class of Business Training  – to be completed prior to managing or overseeing ( by KIs), or rendering any financial service in the Class

Transitional Arrangements

 Transitional arrangements apply to these requirements for some 2018 appointments and approvals as well as Representatives under supervision on 1 April 2018. These require urgent attention!
Regulatory Examinations (24 months)
Full Qualifications (72 months) Continuous Professional Development 
(appropriate activities over a 12-month cycle ending 31st May each year.)

Penalty for non conforming

By not completing the set  competency requirement Reps and Key Individuals stand the chance of debarment , and FSP’s could be fined or suspended for their Reps continuing to give advice without conforming.

Without a full analysis you stand the risk of not understanding who needs to complete what by when.

Board Notice 194 of 2017 published in December 2017 brought about numerous changes that impact the Regulatory Environment.

BN 194 of 2017 brought about changes in terms of the competency requirements for Financial Service Providers, Key Individuals and Representatives in the Financial Services industry.

Deadlines to conform put pressure on ALL FSP’s, large and small to conduct full evaluations on all staff, Representatives and Key Individuals to ensure a that they can meet the dealines.

We offer all regulatory training via In-classroom workshops, as well as online digital training solutions including Class of Business,   FAIS Exams (RE 1, RE 3, RE 4 and RE 5) and CDP Programs. 

Contact us now to obtain information from one of our specialists to help analyse your needs and propose solutions. No matter how big or small your business or FSP is.

Growth In Motion offers a unique set of options for training your team. 
We offer classroom and online training options to all our clients.

We also offer “Train the Trainer” packages

Our training material on our LMS or Yours?

Our online training is made available to your team through our bespoke Learner Management System (LMS). Alternatively, we can launch it through your corporate Learner Management System.

Flexibility is our Unique Value Proposition.

Ready to meet the requirements?

At Growth In Motion, our  team are ready and available to assist your organisation no matter what size. We offer our clients a choice of options,  which makes it feasible for any size organisation to ensure they meet the deadlines with our help.

Through our extensive knowledge, skills and experience and with a solid reputation in the Financial Services Industry, we can provide an end to end solution ensuring that your business will comply with new legislation and determinations.
This will pave the way for continuous, seamless compliance with the Financial Sector Amendment Act, Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act and going forward embracing the “Twin Peaks” model.
 All our products and services are geared to implement the RDR requirements.

We offer full Class of Business Training

Training and assessments on Product classes and subclasses.
These training solutions can be offered in class or online.

CPD activities are now required for

  • All Natural Person FSP’s
  • All Key Individuals
  • All Representatives
(Certain Representatives are not required to complete CPD – check your position!) All records and evidence of CPD activities need to be kept.
Activities must cover a balanced range of appropriate aspects: simply doing the required minimum hours of CPD may not in itself ensure compliance!
Growth In Motion offer fully accredited CDP programs  

Anywhere and Any how

Our unique value proposition allows us to offer our programs via our Learner Management System (LMS), or through your own in-house LMS.

We also offer Classroom training around the country.

A Level 2 BBEEE Company

Growth In Motion was established in 2003

The “art” of managing change is about proactively positioning an organization to be ready, willing and able to successfully adopt the business change being implemented.

To build a truly change-capable organization and achieve long-term sustainability, you need to weave change principles into the very heart and soul of your business.

High Value Team

We regard ourselves as a unique, high value team, bringing international exposure to, and experience in, FAIS and COFI legislation, Class of Business Implementation and Training, Twin Peaks, Full Financial Service Training, People Change Enablement, Facilitation, Learning, Compliance, Consulting, Coaching, Design and Development, creating value for businesses through customer focused interventions and solutions in both corporate and SME business sectors. Experts transfering knowledge and facilitating success.  learn more


We are  specialists who design initiatives for strategic projects and business initiatives. We help business align their teams to the legislative environment and requirements. Each of our programs are uniquely focused and designed to drive the required comliance and change in behaviours required to achieve the goals and objectives. Managing change in legislation correctly creates an atmosphere for success.  learn more

Managing Change in Legislation

We are ready and available to assess you team, and create the necessary register of experience and qualifications to enable your business to meet the requirements of this changing legislative environment. We will ready your team and prepare them with a roadmap of what is required of them, and then we will implement training and faciliation programs to ensure your team, an business remain compliant and ahead of the game. Empower your team to move with success in the changing environment.  learn more

Taking a Holistic Approach

A holistic process for managing change in any legislative environment. Following our process provides a new perspective and view of the change book of work – one that is missing in most organizations. Corporate and SME buinsess all benefit when the total and holistic approach is adopted. We think all this is very exciting.  learn more

Meet our Awesome Team

FAIS and COB Team Our twenty member strong team is a unique, high value team. Together we bring international exposure to, and experience in:

FAISTraining, Class of Business, CPD Training, People Change Enablement, Facilitation, Learning, Compliance, Consulting, Coaching, and Design and Development 

Lita van Schalkwyk

Business Development and Programme Manager

Mary Hutchinson

Relationship Manager

Anthony Campher


Content Expert and Market Specialist

Mike Strohman


Content Expert, Market Specialist in Bank and Insurance Industry, Fais, RE and Compliance and Trainer

George Marneweck

Trainer and Specialist in Bank and Insurance Industry, Fais, RE and Compliance

Thabo Mdakana

Design and Development Specialist: Online / Digital

Lawrece Jacobson

Design and Development Specialist: Online / Digital

Jabu Mnyakeni

Design and Development Specialist: Online / Digital

Raphael Tungwarara

Design and Development Specialist: Online / Digital

Claudine Chekerti

Design and Development Specialist: Online / Digital

Natasha Munemo

Design and Development Specialist: Online / Digital

Bradley Sorour

Trainer: Compliance and legal


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